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If Found Please Contact:
John Chandler
Email: john.chandler@shaw.ca
Phone: 780-454-4203

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Species: Dog (Canine) Sex: Female
Size / Weight: Medium / 25.0 lbs Date of Birth: Jan 29, 2006
Coat Type: Short Smooth Coat Pattern: Tricolor
Coat Color: Black, Brown & White
Breed: 100% Beagle
Tail Type: not entered
Declawed: No
Identification: TRI019 (Tattoo)
Visible Markings: Tail is mostly white.. (not just the tip).
General Info: none entered
Date Lost:Aug 31, 2011
Last Seen: (10508 119 Street) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Circumstances:UPDATE: Meme has been found. Is now back home safe and sound. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got scared and ran away from a car that came too close. She pulled so hard her head came out of her collar.. and so is not wearing one now. She ran farther away when some people chased her. She went into the St Joaquim Cemetary (i.e. it's north of 105 ave between 120 st and 117 st ) and was last seen there by two people. Meme is an Elite sport dog in Agility and a performing dog in the Dynamo troupe and very well known in the Edmonton area.

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