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New PetLynx User Accounts  

  • If you adopted or purchased a pet that included a PetLynx Lifetime Registration you may already have a User Account and Registered Animal - Please proceed to box "B", if not please proceed to box "A".
  • Your "User Account" is provided by PetLynx at no charge and is owned and controlled by you.
  • No one can access your personal information to contact or market to you unless you give them your Username and Password.
  • Once your User Account is established you may access any of the pet registration and other services available to PetLynx Users.
A.  Create a New User Account
  • Enter your email address,
  • Click "Create New User Account", and
  • You will be sent a PetLynx Username & Password to your email address immediately.
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B.  Existing User Account Login
  • Your PetLynx Authorized Service Centre has provided you with a Username and Password so you can access your User Account. You may change this Username and Password at any time in your Profile after you login.
  • Secure this information in a safe place and use it to access all your Pet Profiles

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