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How Does PetLynx™ Help Find Lost Pets?

Lost Pets, Missing Dogs, Lost and Found DogsEach time a pet owner registers an animal in the Lost and Found Pets Utility, or a veterinarian implants a microchip, a visual tag is added to the animal collar which provides a toll free number and internet access to the PetLynx™ Lost and Found Pets database. Lost and found dogs and cats, and all types of lost pets, can now be reunited with their owners faster than ever before!

Even if such a tag is not present, lost pets, such as missing dogs and cats, can be delivered to any local animal shelter, veterinarian or animal hospital and the Lost and Found Pets database searched for identification devices such as microchips, rabies tags and municipal licenses or even by searching for descriptions of missing dogs, cats, or other pets. A broad spectrum of information on lost and found dogs and cats can be stored and processed by this system.

Finally, if these attempts cannot produce an owner, missing dogs and cats can be registered in PetLynx™ using an image or text so that owners searching the Lost and Found Pets database can find their missing dogs and cats manually. By creating a network involving shelters, veterinarians, and pet owners, lost and found dogs and cats have a much better chance of being returned to their proper home.

Fighting to Save Lost Pets

The extensive pet database covers all known breeds of dogs and cats (along with almost every other species type) and catalogues information from lost and found dogs and cats such as color, size, medical conditions, and so on. If you have a missing pet, or have found a stray animal, there is an excellent chance the PetLynx™ system will be able to find a match. Remember that PetLynx™ and partnering organizations, such as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, are dedicated to saving the lives of missing dogs and cats and helping all pet owners recover their loved ones. PetLynx™ - fighting to save lost and found dogs, cats, and pets of all kinds.

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