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The PetLynx AutoMatch™ search engine vastly improves the chances of recovery of lost cats or the safe return of found cats. This system provides dynamically generated reports of lost and found cats. At PetLynx, our goal is to put an end to the needless euthanasia of animals by providing those lost cats with the best possible chance for recovery as well as to return pets whom have been lost as quickly as possible. Those who find a cat can complete a Found Cat Report at no charge. Those who have lost cats can complete a PetLynx Registration for less than the cost of a newspaper and put our network to use finding their lost cats.

PetLynx™ is the world's first and most comprehensive utility for the capture, reference, and retrieval of information on lost and found cats, as well as the search for and return of pets of all kinds. This service supports recording of all types of identification, web-based access for identifying owners of trying to find a pet, and a world-wide resource for pet related information. Our PetLynx™ Lost and Found Cats Matching system can help pet owners world wide look for lost pets or return pets they have found.

If you have lost or found a cat, or are the owner of a lost cat, we encourage you to make use of the Petlynx™ service. Harness the ability to connect with agencies across Canada. The system can make the hope of reunion with your lost cat a reality. Our utility supports all known species of companion animals. We can match your lost cat to a database of known groupings for color, types, categories and distinguishing traits. This system is compatible with all known forms of electronic identification used to find and return pets. If your lost cast is equipped with such a device, consider it as good as found. Using this system, individuals that have found an animal can quickly return pets to their owners.

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