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PetLynx™ is the SuperNET for people, found dogs and lost dogs. By registering your pet information and keeping it current, you are providing the resources needed to keep your pet safe, healthy, and comfortable.

The PetLynx AutoMatch™ system provides automated searches of all shelter admissions in real time - vastly improving the chances of recovery of lost dogs. This system is the only central registry that provides dynamically generated reports of lost and found dogs, completely automated searching of all identification devices, as well as automated notification of possible matches by email and on line interconnection with all registered agencies and shelters in real time.

At PetLynx™ our goal is to put an end to the needless euthanasia of animals by providing those who find pet dogs and those with lost dogs with the best possible chance for recovery. Those who find a pet can complete a PetLynx Found Dogs Report at no charge. Those who have lost dogs can complete a PetLynx Registration™ for less than the cost of a newspaper and put our pet network to work finding their lost dogs.

The Pet Tracking Solution

PetLynx™ is the world's first and most comprehensive utility for the capture, reference, and retrieval of information on lost and found dogs. This service supports recording of all types of identification, web-based access for identifying owners of trying to find a pet, and a world-wide resource for pet related information. Key features of PetLynx™ include:

  • Pet ID Registration
  • Role-based Management
  • Pet Transfer
  • Lost and Found Dogs Match
PetLynx™ offers Lifetime Global Service. When you move, PetLynx™ goes with you. Each pet registered with us remains in the database for life. And being global, if your pet is stolen in Albuquerque New Mexico, it can be identified a week later in Adelaide Australia. It doesn't matter where someone might lose or find a pet, we serve the pet WORLD and we can help find a pet anywhere at any time.

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