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Agreement Creates National Pet Recovery System

PetLynx™ Corporation, an information network of lost and found pets, has signed an agreement with the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies to create Canada's first national pet recovery system. Each year, there are an estimated one million missing pets reported in Canada. Of these, fewer than 25 percent are returned to their owners and almost half are euthanized. PetLynx™ and the CFHS expect to greatly reduce those numbers through their partnership.

About ShelterLynx™

ShelterLynx™ is modeled after a lost and found pets system created and used by the City of Calgary's Animal Services department. Calgary's system is highly successful and sees 80 per cent of all missing pets returned to their owners. The former head of Animal Services, Jerry Aschenbrenner, now an advisor for the PetLynx Board of Directors.

"ShelterLynx™ is a comprehensive Web-based information database that lets organizations monitor pets under their care," says company president Larry Evans. "It also allows pet owners with Internet access to search our national database for their missing pets. Our utility significantly increases the chances of successful pet recovery."

"We're a secure information utility much like Interac or Cirrus," says Larry. "The difference is that instead of working with banks and retailers, PetLynx™ connects owners, animal shelters, municipal animal services, pet industry merchants, veterinary clinics, identification companies and other pet product manufacturers concerned with lost and found pets."

"Our industry has wanted a product just like this for many years and PetLynx™ has made it technically and financially possible," says Bob Van Tongerloo, executive director of the CFHS. "The pet recovery system is affordable and easy to use for pet owners and will be offered free of charge to our members and affiliates." PetLynx's technology and services are creating the world's most comprehensive network of companion pet information - and saving the lives of thousands of missing pets.

As part of its agreement with PetLynx™, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies will provide the ShelterLynx™ system to its members and up to 1,500 affiliated associations across Canada. This initiative is the CFHS's first national operating responsibility and is expected to allow users to save up to 40 per cent of their existing administrative costs pertaining to lost and found pets.

A National Information Network

While a number of pet recovery programs exist across Canada, PetLynx™ is the country's first truly national information network dealing with lost and found pets. It works with any existing database such as those used by municipalities, licensing agencies and veterinarians. PetLynx™ also accepts all current identification devices or methods used to track missing pets such as tattoos, licenses, rabies tags, microchips, pictures, or text.

pet recovery, lost and found pets, missing pets

pet recovery, lost and found pets, missing pets

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