Lost and Found

Our goal is to provide pet families with the best possible chance for recovering a lost pet by automating real-time searches of registered admissions at emergency hospitals, shelters, clinics, and pounds, and by providing important recovery tools the whole community can access with a simple web browser.
  • Free Lost & Found Reports for seven days
  • Automated searching of all types of identification devices
  • Automated searching of a physical description
  • Printable pet posters with pet pictures
  • Online connectivity for emergency service providers
  • Automated notification of possible matches 
Use the tabs to register a lost or found pet. If your pet is not lost but you would like to pre-register your pet so that it has access to these recovery tools for its entire lifetime – click here
About PetLynx:
PetLynx is the only provider of Automated Recovery Systems for municipalities, community service providers and government agencies in the world. PetLynx, provides lifetime protection for pets and peace of mind for pet families for just pennies a day.

Hundreds of times a day, the PetLynx AutoMatch™ search engine automatically finds matches for the lost and found pets admitted to shelters, clinics, emergency hospitals, pounds, the general public and pet families. PetLynx is the fastest growing provider of recovery services in North America. PetLynx Corporation is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.