HomeSafe™ is the SuperNET for pets & people. By registering your contact and pet information and by keeping it current, you are providing service providers and emergency personnel with the resources needed to keep your pet safe, healthy, & comfortable.

  • One place to store all animal information
  • Automated access by emergency personnel whenever and wherever required
  • Universal Electronic Passport for your pet that confirms vaccination & medical history
  • International Animal Card allows access to other valuable services
  • PetLynx protects your pet from being lost without hope - no matter where in the world you are!!!
PetLynx Central Servers Secure Online Access!
A centralized animal recovery registry that provides access for emergency personnel while limiting or eliminating access for direct marketers and others who might adversely affect your privacy.
PetLynx is ID Neutral!
PetLynx accepts any kind of ID, tattoos, nose prints, visual tags, licenses, passports, microchips, physical descriptions, and pictures.
You control access to your information on PetLynx!
You do. The only people who can access your record are those that have authorization like your vet or a shelter that finds your pet. In fact, if you like you can appoint your vet or another service provider as proxy so your contact information remains undisclosed.
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About PetLynx:

PetLynx is the only provider of Automated Recovery Systems for municipalities, community service providers and government agencies in the world. PetLynx, provides lifetime protection for pets and peace of mind for pet families for just pennies a day.
Hundreds of times a day, the PetLynx AutoMatch™ search engine automatically finds matches for the lost and found pets admitted to shelters, clinics, emergency hospitals, pounds, the general public and pet families. PetLynx is the fastest growing provider of recovery services in North America. PetLynx Corporation is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.