ShelterLynx™ is an easy-to-use, secure, web-based shelter management application that manages all aspects of animal processing from admissions to final disposition regardless of the size of agency or shelter operation. When used in combination with AnimalTRAC™ the Automated Municipal Recovery System, ShelterLynx™ can eliminate most Lost & Found activities by shelter staff through its automatic search engine AutoMatch™.
In addition to servicing the needs of shelter management and staff within the shelter, ShelterLynx™ also allows agencies to provide services to offsite adoption centres, fostering locations and other remote staff/volunteers from any Internet connection. ShelterLynx™ also produces real-time management reports such as Daily Activities, Intakes, Inventories, Disposition, Medication Lists, Medical Attention Requirements, Euthanasia, Authorization, Adoption Contracts, as well as Shelter and Animal Receipts.  Finally, with a PetLynx Webservices Interface, ShelterLynx™ can also update other modern applications automatically.
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About PetLynx:

PetLynx is the only provider of Automated Recovery Systems for municipalities, community service providers and government agencies in the world. PetLynx, provides lifetime protection for pets and peace of mind for pet families for just pennies a day.
Hundreds of times a day, the PetLynx AutoMatch™ search engine automatically finds matches for the lost and found pets admitted to shelters, clinics, emergency hospitals, pounds, the general public and pet families. PetLynx is the fastest growing provider of recovery services in North America. PetLynx Corporation is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.